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The Stun Gun - Legal or Lethal?

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The Stun Gun - Legal or Lethal?

If you are looking for self protection that falls just this side of an actual firearm, a stun gun might be the perfect choice. They are lightweight, non-lethal, and you don’t have to worry about whether to keep them loaded or unloaded. There are a few things you should consider before you buy; stun gun legislation can vary from state to state, and the penalties for owning one illegally can be severe.

Currently, thirteen countries, nine states and seven individual cities or counties specifically ban, restrict or severely regulate the ownership of stun guns. Exceptions are made in some cases for law enforcement individuals, but generally any citizen caught with one where it is illegal will be heavily fined and possibly imprisoned. Some states make it a felony to sell, own, transfer or use a stunning device; others make it a misdemeanor for the first three and a felony only for attempted use or assault.

Stun guns are often considered safer than handguns or even long guns for home protection. So far, very few reports have been made of a child injuring themselves with such a stunner kept for home defense, while multiple deaths occur each year from traditional firearms being handled by kids. This alone is an extremely strong argument in favor of the stun gun as the home defense weapon of choice for the American family.

Once you decide to purchase a stun gun, you will want to do some research to find the best one for your particular situation. Even in states that permit ownership, many do not allow you to carry them in public - so a small fry stun gun powered by expensive lithium batteries and ‘guaranteed to fit inside a cigarette pack’ may not be practical. The average stunner is between four and seven inches tall, and runs on regular nine volt batteries available at any corner store or supermarket.

There are websites that show how to make a stun gun, but some things aren’t really meant to be a DIY project. Unless you are an electricity expert and have a rock solid knowledge of voltage, you should probably rely on purchasing your personal stunning device from a reputable dealer. They will also be able to inform you about stun gun laws in your area, and ensure you are not breaking the law by attempting to purchase a stun gun in a state that prohibits their use.

As far as picking out your very own zapper, you have a wide array of choices. Stun gun volt power can range from 80,000 up to 975,000 volts, and come in a variety of delivery systems from a look alike cell phone stun gun to a telescopic stun master stun baton with a 21 ½ inch reach. The one you choose will probably depend on a variety of factors including style, intended use, personal preference, pricing and optional features.

If you are a woman living alone and want some protection for your bedside table, a flashlight stun gun might fit the bill. They come with a strong built in light and a raucous alarm, and could scare off an attacker before they even get close enough for you to use it! These are also great for people living in apartment complexes - if you have to run out to your car for something, at least you have some protection against whoever might be lurking in the parking area.

A small stun gun might be preferable for homes with kids, just because of the risk factor. Even though it’s hard to find any reports of kids accidentally shocking each other or themselves, it is possible. In any case, even a relatively mild 80,000 or 100,000 volts is plenty to incapacitate a would be intruder - a maximum volts stun gun is not really necessary to stop most people in their tracks!

For a dependable, mid-range voltage weapon, models like the stun master stun gun are highly in demand. These non-lethal stunners aren’t intended to cause pain, but to force an attacker’s muscles through a rapid workout cycle. The neuromuscular system is momentarily shut down, and the attacker will lose all voluntary muscle control - usually falling to the ground.  The temporary disability that results normally affords enough time to flee.

In states which allow security guards and other protective personnel to carry a device in public, a phone stun gun is a practical choice. It affords a discreet way to carry a highly effective weapon without drawing undue attention. These models also come with a wrist strap, so if one is snatched away in a tussle the strap pulls out a safety pin - disabling the stunner instantly.

There have been several high profile cases in which stun gun use caused serious injury or death. While these should not be taken lightly, it is worth noting that in most cases the individual stunned had underlying health problems which exacerbated the TASER’s effects. This has led to lobbying to make stun gun use illegal even for law enforcement. It’s a shame, because on the whole stun guns have been shown to be an excellent alternative to deadly force on countless occasions.

If stunning devices are legal to purchase and own where you live, you will be hard put to find a better tool for home and personal protection. Just remember - like any other weapon, the best stun gun is the one you never have to use! Use common sense to ensure your personal safety - many incidents are avoidable, and a stun gun should only be your back-up plan.