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The Small Fry Stun Gun - Optimal or Overkill?

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The Small Fry Stun Gun - Optimal or Overkill?

The Small Fry stun gun has been advertised and touted as the most powerful stunner in the smallest package available. There are pros and cons to its size, of course, and a few of the concepts promoted about it are a trifle laughable.

On the plus side, this little stun gun is one of the more powerful guns around, with the capacity to deliver nearly a million volts in an efficient manner. The high voltage means it works faster and more efficiently, even on an attacker who shops in the big and tall department. This means you can get away with a shorter shock time.

Of course, you can get a comparable voltage in regular sized models as well - with the Small Fry stun gun you are paying for the power packed into a petite unit, which is where the difference in cost comes in.

"Every war when it comes, or before it comes, is represented not as a war but as an act of self-defense against a homicidal maniac."

- George Orwell


Another supposed benefit to the Small Fry is the fact it is extremely light-weight and only around 3 ½ inches tall, making it easy to tuck into a purse or a pocket, or even hide in a packet of cigarettes. A free holster is often provided with purchase for carrying on the hip.

I have never tried to get something out of a cigarette pack while being attacked before, so I am not sure precisely how hard it would be; but I would expect it to have a difficulty of around eight on a scale of one to ten. An item that small could also be hard to find in a large purse or handbag, so the holster might be a good idea..

The Small Fry stun gun does have a safety switch, which means it must be turned on, and then the trigger depressed to deliver a shock. This ensures that you don’t shock yourself by mistake, and also serves as a child safety feature.

The safety switch does cut down on accidents, but will also add another step to the process of stunning an assailant. Users will have to retain the presence of mind to remember to flip the switch during the excitement of being attacked.

The Small Fry uses the smaller, more powerful lithium batteries to power it, providing for a stronger discharge and a lighter product. Traditional stun guns use a nine volt battery for standard 80K to 100K volt models, and require an additional battery for each 100K jump in voltage. Lithium batteries can be quite a bit more expensive, so a decision must be made as to whether the cost is justified.

On the whole, the Small Fry is an impressive piece of technology. It undoubtedly will get the job done, but for the money it seems a little slim on additional features, resting on its petite size and incredible voltage as its main selling points. You can find comparable quality in a cell phone stun gun that has a flashlight and alarm built in while remaining just as discrete. Just check out all of your options before committing to a Small Fry stun gun - you’ll be glad you did!