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Is a Small Stun Gun Worth It?

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Is a Small Stun Gun Worth It?

You’ve decided to purchase a stun gun - but there are so many different options it can be hard to choose. There is concern among some that a small stun gun might not pack enough ‘punch’ to be truly effective. In reality, size doesn’t matter - it’s the voltage that counts and the system that delivers it, not the size of the gun!

Standard stun guns start at 80K volts. They run off of a regular nine volt battery, and will discharge several times before running the batteries down. These are perfectly adequate for most situations, but if you are worried about stopping power you can opt for a 100K to 300K model. The larger models require an extra battery which increases the size of the stun gun; but they are still fairly handy, running about 6 inches tall.

There are small stun guns on the market that are geared to run off of the more petite lithium batteries - these deliver a stronger smack down in a smaller package. The Hot Shot is only 3 inches long, looks like a Blackberry or mp3 player, and delivers a staggering 975K shock guaranteed to bring any attacker to their knees.

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The Runt is another small stun gun that gets you more for every inch - just over 3 inches tall you can choose a 350K, 650K or 950K model. The Runt can also be powered with the smaller lithium batteries, or for convenience a plug-in rechargeable model is also available that fits in a standard wall plug for instant access and a full charge anytime..

A stun gun works by keying into the nervous system and causing the muscles to undergo an incredibly fast workout cycle that depleted blood sugar levels and dumps lactic acid (which causes muscle fatigue) into the system. The attacker loses muscle control, becomes disoriented and will fall to the floor. Intense pain is usually associated with the experience, but it isn’t the pain that disables the assailant, but the interruption of normal neuromuscular function.

A small stun gun with a high voltage and low amperage will work better than a larger stunner that has an inadequate delivery system. The best stun gun is one that works on time, every time, and size is really irrelevant. If the stun gun will be worn on the hip or tucked in a purse (check local regulations about the legality of carrying a stun gun) then a more compact model may be desired.

If the stunning device is purely for home protection, a larger model that is easy to grasp and has extra features like a built in flashlight or alarm might be the better choice. The size of your hand might make a difference as well - some of the larger models could be too clumsy for a set of small hands, just as a petite version could get lost in the mitts of a linebacker!

Don’t let the size of a small stun gun put you off - sometimes dangerous things come in small packages, and you can bet an attacker will be shocked at how much power one of these babies can deliver!