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Do Not Buy Stun Gun Myths - Know the Truth!

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Don’t Buy Stun Gun Myths - Know the Truth!

Many people are turning to handheld stunning devices for self protection and home defense, but the abundance of misinformation about these handy zappers is overwhelming. Don’t buy stun gun hype; research the subject and arm yourself with the right answers before purchasing one of these weapons. Misinformation can land you in a world of hurt!

Myth # 1:  Stun guns must touch bare skin to work properly.

False. Stun guns will work through clothing just fine! As long as the prongs are pressed firmly against the attacker, the electricity will pass through the clothing into the muscles.

Myth  # 2:  If the assailant is touching you when shocked, you will feel the shock too.

Nope. The shock WILL NOT pass to you from the assailant. The electricity delivered by the stun gun is absorbed by his muscles and grounded out; there is no way you can be shocked by association.

Myth # 3:  Stun guns work primarily by causing intense pain and seizures.

Wrong. Stun guns hijack the neuromuscular system. This causes the muscles to go through a very fast workout cycle that uses up all of their energy and at the same time interrupts the neurological impulses that affect the entire body’s muscular control. The attacker basically loses all muscle control, becomes disoriented and loses his balance, falling to the ground and twitching. Yes, it hurts - a lot - but that is for the same reason you hurt after a strenuous workout; because of lactic acid build-up in your muscles.

Myth # 4: You have to buy stun gun batteries every time you discharge it.

Again, false. You can use a stun gun multiple times before the batteries wear out; however, it is a good idea to check your batteries regularly to be sure they have a good charge. Oh, and don’t assume brand new batteries are operable - ones that have been on  a shelf for years might have lost their juice, so check even new batteries for power capacity.

Myth # 5: Stun guns can kill.

All right, this one has a shred of truth - maybe. If a 94 year old man with a pacemaker and a predisposition towards epilepsy attacks you and you shock him continually for a full sixty seconds (long after he is rendered helpless) the you MIGHT be able to kill him. Truthfully, the odds of inadvertently killing someone with a stun gun are slim to none. If someone set out to do it deliberately, that could be another story. Of course, you can also kill someone with a spoon, if you try hard enough.

Myth # Six:  Stun guns are legal everywhere, or illegal everywhere.

Wrong, and wrong. Each state has its own laws governing the legality of purchasing, selling, owning, possessing or carrying a stun gun. Seven states ban them absolutely, two other require a permit, and still others allow them in a home or place of business but consider it a crime to carry one either openly or concealed. The best course of action is to check with your local law enforcement agency before you buy; stun guns ARE weapons and are regulated as such.

Now that you are in possession of all the correct data, you can make an informed decision as to whether buying a stun gun is right for you!








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Rechargable 950,000 Volt Runt Stun Gun



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