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The Flashlight Stun Gun - Home Safety at its Best

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The Flashlight Stun Gun - Home Safety at its Best

Picture yourself in the middle of the night, hearing a suspicious sound from the yard. You grab your flashlight and head out the door, sure it’s just a raccoon trying to get into the trash can again but determined to investigate. When the masked man in the driveway trying to break into your car turns and lunges at you, there is a zap and he crumples to the ground. You ease off the trigger on your handy flashlight stun gun and calmly dial 911.

A stun gun is simply the most effective and safe form of home defense there is. The problems with traditional firearms are many, especially if there are children in the house - you have to keep the gun unloaded and the ammunition stored separately (which makes it useless as a spur of the moment weapon). An intruder can often take the gun away from you and shoot you with it if you hesitate to use it, and if you grit your teeth and pull the trigger you have a whole new set of problems to face.

"As Chief Prosecutor of South Carolina, I am today declaring open season on home invaders. That season is year-round. Citizens protecting their homes who use force even deadly force will be fully safeguarded under the law of this State and subject to no arrest, charge or prosecution. In South Carolina, would-be intruders should now hear this: invade a home and invite a bullet."

- Charlie Condon, South Carolina Attorney General


A flashlight stun gun, on the other hand is safe, effective and ready to hand. You can keep it anyplace where the children can’t reach it, and it requires no more maintenance than a few fresh nine volts to keep it actively ready for duty. You can use a stun gun without worrying if you’ll end up in a courtroom pleading self defense later on; and if it somehow got taken away from you and you get shocked, at least you’ll still be breathing.

The idea of combining a flashlight with a stun gun is pure genius - the added benefit of being able to see who you are shocking might help keep cousin Dave from a nasty jolt next time he drops in unexpectedly without calling first. In addition, the flashlight stun gun features a handy wrist strap to keep you from dropping it accidentally and an alarm guaranteed to wake the dead - or at least all your neighbors.

These devices are currently legal in 42 states, and make the perfect gift for the child going away to college, the parent determined to stay in the old farmhouse, and anyone allowed to carry them on the job in the security field. For home protection they can’t be beat, offering the best way to defend your home with the least amount of hassle.

Flashlight stun guns are inexpensive enough to buy a few at a time, and keep in strategic places in your home (exits, bedroom, etc). The smaller 8 inch version delivers a respectable 80,000 volts and comes with a protective leather holster, looking innocuous enough not to be recognized as a stunning device at a casual glance. The longer baton version jolts at 200,000 volts, and can is the perfect solution to any home defense situation.

Even if you never have to use the stunner, a flashlight stun gun provides peace of mind and an extra light in case of emergency or natural disaster. Just remember to keep new batteries in it, and you’ll never have to worry about home defense or a power outage!




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